Are Brawn and Carey just making the right noises?

You know when you split from one girlfriend and then the next night you meet the girl of your dreams. She’s perfect and says everything you want to hear. She loves your dancing, laughs at your jokes and even wants to meet your parents.

Some of the things which Brawn and Carey have put out in the media are brilliant. No more knee-jerk reactions, simpler rules, a real social media present, Super Bowl style week-long events, fewer gimmicks. We love the thought of sharing out the prize-money evenly to help out the smaller or newer teams.

But and here’s the real issue. How much will they actually be able to pass through, or even try to pass through? Are these just words to try and separate the new bosses from the old guard? Is it a case of just saying everything that we want to hear, or saying the things that Bernie would never dream of?

The first signs really are good. Within hours of the takeover, the FIA announced that drivers who crash into each other will only be punished if there is clearly a driver to blame. No more 50/50 clashes resulting in a penalty for the aggressive driver. Last season we saw so many stupidly small incidents which lead to someone getting punished. Everyone screamed ‘Let them race’. Clashes happen, but there is no need for a penalty every time.

This announcement on Formula seems to be a logical step. One which the fans can really appreciate and will make it easier to follow the action. No longer will we be home from the race before knowing for certain the outcome of the race.

It’s the first step and a good one, we can only hope it continues.


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