How would we improve F1?

It’s pretty easy to jump in the fast flowing stream of criticisms which constantly surround F1, but it’s hard to provide a solution. We’ve come up with a few of our own, which we’d love to see.

GP2 Champions Team – F1 buy the struggling Manor team, rebrand it for one of their major sponsors and run it as a loss maker. They can probably write it off as a tax lose, if they were to pay tax.
But here’s the best bit – their team. The team offer a guaranteed 2 year contract to the winner of the GP2 championship. The drivers would not have to bring any budget, they could be there simply on merit. For two years all they would have to worry about was learning the craft of racing the best cars in the world.
The team could even offer apprenticeship places in all their departments: engineers, designers, aerodynamicist, composites, mechanics.

Scrap safety car starts – We’ve all seen it, the rain comes down, the safety car leads the pack for three laps, then as it comes in, all the cars come into the pits and put on inters.
Yes, do all the laps behind the safety car so the drivers can get a feel for the track and clear off a lot of the water, but then make them form up on the grid and have a real start. The extra thirty seconds is not going to make that much difference on the track.

Highlights on – Not everyone pays for coverage and in the UK, pretty soon this will be the only way to watch F1. Why would F1 not put a twenty-minute highlights package on their own website? If you’re rewriting most of the other contracts, surely you can pull a Bernie and sneak this one in somewhere.

Reduce Ticket Prices – We know! I promise you – WE KNOW. It’s not the down to the circuits, they have to pay their bills. It’s the bill for hosting a race which is the biggest issue. Do they really need £20 million from Silverstone? That’s not even the worst bill, actually it seems that the average is around £40 million, so Silverstone have a bargain. But someone amungst the new intake of staff, needs to sit down and have a serious word with themselves. We’re losing Malaysia because they can’t afford it anymore and they are just the latest casualty.

Fan Interaction – We get some great footage on the grid walks and the pit lane pundits are brilliant, long live King Ted, but what about time with the racers. The Thursday pit-lane walks and signing sessions are great but they really are the tip of what could happen. Let them post their own videos and photos on their social media accounts. It’s a simple solution, but could revolutionise the level of content and interaction fans could have.

Run That Track – It’s already being done by the F1 teams and they are raising money for some great charities, kudos to you. It’s an amazing thing you are doing and keep doing it. But all we are saying is that there is a whole host of F1 fans who would love to run or even walk around the whole track. Open it up on a Friday night for two hours, maybe team it up with a driver signing or evening event.

We’ve not leading figures in the world of F1, but we have decades of fandom and just think, that some fresh perspectives on the current model, would be a decent idea.


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