Who are we?

We are you.

Believe it or not, we sit at the races, pay our monthly fees and watch our beloved sport. Hope beyond hope that points and podiums come our way. Celebrate the wins, laugh at Maldonado, become bemused by the latest political scandal, try to explain to our friends why the relocated DRS zone actually matters but above all love our sport.

Yes, we think of it as OUR sport. We are so heavily invested in it, that we must own some sort of share. Where else would a simple fan be paying hundreds to sit in the rain for a weekend, behind five rings of protective metal fencing. Guantanamo and the Hungaroring.

We’ve put up with the tyre war, refueling, lifting off before a corner, no refueling, Johnny Herbert, safety car starts, Maldonado thinking he could win the world championship. We’ve endured through these because at our very core, we love F1.

We would watch it if there were customer teams, if there were four drivers per team, even if there were FormulaE car changes. We’d moan and we’d belittle it, but WE are allowed. We are F1 and like our own mother, only we can insult her.

We hope you enjoy our ride and join in with us.
We’d love to hear what you have to say.



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