Car Launches – A Better Idea

In this day of instant media and the high profiles associated with our sport, why oh why are we simply following the tradition of letting the teams choose when they launch their cars.

Imagine this:

F1 takes over the NEC in Birmingham or the Palexpo convention centre in Geneva. Hell, even Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, if you must. They create a whole circus for a day, every team takes over a corner and has a chance to show off their wares. Move it around the world every year, new venues, new buzz.

Every fifteen minutes, a new car is launched on the main stage and the whole world would get to watch it, either in person or via the live streaming on and all the teams’ websites.

The event becomes a go-to pre-season must. The social media world could go F1 crazy for a day. We as fans wouldn’t have to put up with the hodge-podge timetable currently being banded around. You could make direct comparisons about how ready the teams are, what style of front wings they have, how they have interpreted the new rules.

It would affect nothing on track. There would not need to be any rule changes. The teams would more than likely save money as F1 would ‘hire the hall’. But above all… Us fans would get a chance to spend a day walking around and looking at the cars, up close and personal. Make it an Expo and let us get in and mingle. We’d probably spend hundreds on buying new t-shirts and postcards, so everyone would win.

How much of a ground-breaking idea is that? Why does it take the fans to come up with this sort of thing? Simple, because we view the sport as a sport and not a money-making exercise.




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