Goodbye Manor and Marussia

There are times to be happy and there are times to be sad. This is a time to be both, glad that they happened and sad that they seem to be going.

We were ecstatic when Jules Bianchi forcefully pushed his way past Kobayashi at La Rascasse and scored points for Marussia.

We appreciated the genius behind John Booth and Graeme Lowdon. Their ability to run a hugely under-funded team and still make a great show was unrivalled. How they lasted so many years when other teams have folded; HRT, Super Aguri and Caterham to name but three

The access the Marussia team gave to their fans made them a great team to support. At one race, they saw a lone Marussia flag being waved on the home straight and welcomed the attached fan into the garage for a tour. Can’t quite see McLaren doing that.

They became almost everyone’s second team. Watching a GP and hoping beyond hope that something might happen and a point could be in reach; rain, a multiple car pile up, a tyre war balls-up (think USA), or even an outstanding miracle drive (think Monaco).

It’s always been fun to support a front-end team, you get used to success or at least being at the right end of the grid. But with Marrusia or Manor, you got the other side of the coin and got to support a struggling team, who screamed all that’s right with our sport. They were the gentlemen of the sport and always kept both a stiff upper lip and their chins high.

You will be missed, but we thank you for all you did.



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