Why Do We Still Read These?

It’s Sunday morning and we’re sat down with this month’s F1 Racing and Autosport. The coffee has brewed and is now sat steaming on the counter. It’s the perfect Sunday morning as far as we’re concerned for the off-season. But it got us thinking, why do we still read paper magazines in the digital era?

It’s not the latest and the newest of stories. The news might have been out for a few weeks, but we’re still reading about it. The speed of the news is not the reason we read these. Actually, it’s the opposite.

The articles are not knee-jerk reactionary pieces. They haven’t been designed as click-bait to get you into a site. They have been created purely for your enjoyment. They are considered and extremely well written.

Damon Hill has taken over from Murray Walker, to provide an opinion piece at the back of F1 Racing. It’s the first page we turn to, it’s the comfort piece we love to read. The insight into the champ’s history, his take on the modern changes to racing and the occasional bit of gossip. What more could you want from a Sunday morning read?

Some of the best F1 people in the world have created brilliant features for the magazines.  Peter Windsor, Alan Henry, Pat Symonds, Nigel Roebuck and renowned photographer Darren Heath are all either currently writing or have written for them.

Sitting down and engrossing yourself in the written world of motorsport is the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week at work. But it’s not just about relaxing, it’s about getting an educated, insightful and elegant. It allows us to learn. They express an opinion which we can value if not always agree with. The technical insights are amazing, the explanations go into detail and stretch our knowledge of all things mechanical.

While we love the instant updates and constant stream of news online. There’s a part of us which will always sit down, coffee in hand and enjoy a long, slow stroll through the pages of our favourite magazines.



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