Driver’s Training

If you follow Jenson Button on Twitter, or any media really, then you will be more than aware of how much he changed his training regime and adores cycling. It seems to have become the training de rigueur for today’s F1 drivers.

Seriously, spend five minutes and look through the off-season posts of the current crop and it’s pasted all over the place. Everyone loves to ride: Marcus Ericsson, Danny Ric, Stoffel Vandoorne, Roman Grosjean, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen and Felipe Massa.

Lewis does what Lewis does best and he goes out riding, but just riding something else; a snowboard. For that, we love him even more. Sorry but it’s true.

So what is it about cycling that makes it the perfect workout. It is brilliant for CV, legs and even the mental training of being out for hours by yourself and having to read your own body. But it has it’s limitations, there’s almost no arm workout involved at all. The position is the complete opposite of a drivers lie-flat posture.

There is the element of danger involved in cycling on open roads. It’s there for all cyclists everyday, but we know these guys have a different take on the risk element. Not that they want to be in a crash, but they just see risks slightly differently to you or I. Remember Mark Webber’s faltering challenge for the 2010 World Championship, it later emerged that he had fractured his shoulder in a mountain biking accident. Indeed, he had driven four race with the injury, just he didn’t tell anyone about it.

We looked into the benefits of cycling against other training methods, but to be fair, it’s all pretty much the same. Training is training and if you can find one you enjoy, then that’s the one for you. We did find one useful video from the Global Cycling Network, which we only like because it is really quick. The title tells you all you need to know: Fit in 30 minutes.

But maybe that’s the thing. With all of the time commitments required of a media savy F1 driver and the almost constant stream of sponsorship events, they might not have time for a long workout every day. Thirty minutes seems a good one for us.


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