This Week’s Gossip

There’s so much out there this week. You would never believe that we are currently in the off-season. Here are some of our favourites and what they could mean for us.

25 races a season – It seems that Ross Brawn was asked how many races Liberty could put into one season. He answered with 25, one every other weekend. He did clarify it with the fact that the races would have to be meaningful, exciting and entertaining. So we’re not heading back to Valencia. Even if it was logistically possible, would we want a race every other weekend? Or is the allure of F1 the exclusivity.

Bernie rules out a break-away league – So he probably will do it. We all know that whatever Bernie says, he will probably do the opposite because he uses public words to be able to position himself in private deals. Give him the gardening leave to finish out his contract and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr E. launching his own championship, probably with Ferrari taking half of all the prize money.

London street race – It has long been mooted that London would be a great place for a street race. Formula E has broken the ground and raced at Battersea Park, so we know it’s possible. Who knows the quieter engines might work in our favour here and we could see a McLaren racing past Buckingham Palace. Whilst we hate the Daily Mail as much as you, they do have this great write up about the options and a possible circuit. Just don’t judge us for linking to them, please.

We’re going to be immersed in Digital Content – Direct from a statement and not too much of a rumour. Digital Content is going to be the second most important aspect for Liberty to improve after ‘the brand’. Bring it on. There is no where near enough content online or available on race days. There are so many things that F1 could learn from other sports who have gone digital, that we hope this comes off.

Budget Cap – Ross Brawn appears to be pretty keen on this one. We’ve written a full post on it over here; so read this. But for now, we like the principle of the idea. It could level the playing field and allow all the teams to close up, which could mean better racing. The issue is that all this hinges on many coulds and shoulds.

McLaren are going Orange again – When they ditched the mirror finished cars and went with the dull grey, McLaren missed the trick. On many races the car looked like a Sauber, Manor or even the Force India depending on the light and the corner. It was too hard to pick out. The mirror look made the car stand out and it was one of the easiest to identify. Bringing back the orange would be a nice touch to the past and from all they have been putting out on social media, it might be true. These two posts hint at it: passed the crash test and keep car release save-the-date. Would Ron have let this happen?

A second American GP – We’ve seen the failings in proposed American Grand Prix venues. New York was meant to have one, Indianapolis, Detroit, Watkins Glen. It seems that everyone is getting put in the mix, even if the circuit can’t handle F1’s regulations. All we hope is that there is no return to the car park outside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Don’t rush the decision and at least make it a good race to pull in some new fans.



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