Heading around Cadbury Corner?

F1FansEyeView Silverstone Track
Our thoughts on the new names for Silverstone corners. F1FansEyeView.Wordpress.com

We woke up this morning to news that Silverstone could sell the naming rights for corners. It’s an idea which could bring in a lot of money for the circuit, but like all things Reebok Stadium, it takes away the identity of the place.

Surely not, we can’t really imagine Hamilton taking the Curley Wurley flat out, gliding through Domestos and then full throttle along the Helix Ruler Straight.

There’s history in the corners.  The names evoke memories of action from years ago. They give you the anticpation of greatness to come. From a purely selfish point of view, we always watch Fridays at Becketts, Saturdays at Copse and Sundays in Club. You get to see loads of the action and different aspects of what makes an F1 car great.

Would changing the names matter to the on-track action, simply no.
Would it allow the circuit to extend its history and keep F1 racing at the home of motorsport, yes.

Damn, I think we kinda agree with the idea.

BUT!!! What if all British F1 fans clubbed together, raised the money and named our own corner.We’re new and we don’t have many fans yet, but Crofty, WTF1 and F1Fanatic have the public support needed.

Now let’s think, who has recently left F1, deserves a place in history, probably a World Champion, has a history of being able to overtake? Ruling out Max Chilton, there’s the obvious candidate just waiting in the wings.

What could we call a corner?

Button Bend, The Jenson, Button, Jenson McJensonFace

If we’re paying, the choice is ours.




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