We Just Lost Our Lives

F1FansEyeView Playing Games
F1FansEyeView Playing Games

This is not a good day for work productivity. Renault, why have you done this to us? We used to be able to make a decent living everyday. Now all we have done since this game was launched, is to click the arrow keys. Play it now.

It’s an ingenious marketing strategy. We’re not the biggest Renault fans, yeah well done for everything, but we’re probably still going to refer to you as the Enstone Team. BUT we have been addicted to this game.

There’s nothing inherently difficult in the game; it’s just steering a car. You don’t even need to do any accelerating or braking. There’s a left and a right, that’s it. But hit the grass and you slow down, go too far off the track or cut a corner and you get reset. It’s a brilliantly playable game.

That’s enough to get us to play it a few times, but we’re thousands of laps in. Here’s Renault’s best marketing gimmick almost ever. The top players will get the chance to drive one of their F1 cars. Shut the front door. We need this prize.

It’s annoying out of our reach, as we’re either not very good gamers or just not very good drivers. The fastest time right now is 1:20.738. It’s hard to even get close to that, our best is a low 1:24:1. Where do even find nearly four seconds on three laps?

This is why it is such a great game. We have the chance to feel a little bit of the pressure and anticipation of an F1 driver. We’ve monitored our lap times, analysed each corner and the best racing line. We’ve definitely found the boundaries for each corner and been reset too many times. Getting a fast first lap and then not wanting to make any mistakes on the second and third. ‘Just be good, don’t fuck it up.’ It’s the mantra going around our minds for a long time. Agh, the pressure.

We hope you enjoy this game as much as us, and that one of you win the experience. We know that we stand zero chance of winning.

Play the game here: https://bootcamp.renaultsport.com/language


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