There’s today’s surprise

Well, we thought that we wouldn’t have any real surprises until the launch season hit us. Manor give us the hints of what we should expect, so even those surprises can be guessed. What we didn’t really see coming was the McLaren car naming change.

Ever since 1981, the McLaren cars have been called MP4-. It used to represent their largest sponsor and the team which Ron Dennis had in Formula 2 team. Naming the cars Marlboro Project Four was obviously too long so initials were used.

We hoped that the MP4 tag would stick, we’re McLaren fans here and even though Ron has left, we didn’t suspect the change.This year’s cars are going to be called MCL-32 and the heavy rumours indicate that they are going to be papaya orange, instead of the mirror or grey from the last few seasons.

Is it really all change at McLaren? There needed to be a turn around in terms of results and bringing in sponsors, but is Zac Brown only changing some easy to fix issues? As long as the team move up the grid again this year and they are fighting for podiums, we’ll promise to forget about the name change.

There have been some amazing MP4 cars, championship winning cars and over a hundred race winning cars and some truly beautiful examples of peak performance engineering. We’ll miss the MP4, but maybe it had already had it’s day and it’s time to welcome in a new era at McLaren.

The King is dead. Long live the King.



  1. MCLaren didn’t start in 1981. McLaren started with Bruce McLaren in his orange cars. McLaren is orange not black not red (that’s Ferrari) not silver (that’s Mercedes). Ron Dennis did great things in the past but losing the identity was not one of them. Can you imagine a Ferrari F1 NOT Bering Red? Right. Then going back to the M representing McLaren’s name and bringing back the color is awesome.


    • Yeah, Bruce created the McLaren team in 1963, BUT the MP4 naming started in 1981. That’s what we were trying to say. Sorry if we didn’t quite get that across.
      As far as a Red Ferrari goes, we 100% agree with you. It just wouldn’t happen. It is their identity.


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