Ross Brawn – Total Competition

Let’s tell you this at the outset:- Ross Brawn’s new book is not the world’s easiest read.

If you know anything about Ross Brawn, then you might be able to hear his voice right now. It’s a long, thought-out and eloquent speech pattern which works well for him. The problem we had with this book, is that we kept on reading it in his voice and in his tones. You can literally imagine Ross sat in his office or his kitchen and just dealing with all the issues in a very matter of fact fashion.

Ross has won everything in Formula 1 and a few other championships to boot. His thoughts are worth reading and often he highlights angles which the normal person wouldn’t have thought about. It’s sometimes the simple things which he informs you about:

The difference between the Ferrari and Mercedes management atmosphere seems to boil down to going out to dinner with each other as friends. Ross says that living in Italy and immersing himself in Ferrari, allowed him to regularly have dinner with Luca di Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali. They created an atmosphere of trust among themselves.
Whereas within Mercedes, he didn’t have this relationship with Toto Wolff and Nikki Lauda. Indeed, even though he asked them both, neither admitted to hiring Paddy Lowe.


We’re titled this as Ross Brawn’s book, but it’s not just his. Adam Parr, who spent three years at Williams is the author and co-contributor. He seems to set up the questions and discussion points, then allows Ross to explain his thoughts on the issues. It’s a good process, as the trust between the two men seems to get Ross talking with a sense of not having to sensor his words.

As Brawn is one of the most influential men in F1 today, we think it’s vital for die-hard F1 fans to know his feelings. Within days of taking on his new job role, Ross has announced some major new policies and shifts in the direction of F1. They all seem to come from the heart of a fan.. This is the thing that the book highlights most about Ross Brawn. He is a fan of F1 and wants it to succeed as a whole.

There’s a new dawn rising in F1 and Brawn is one of the men behind it.

On a side note:
Annoyingly, we brought it at full price and now Amazon have it for £5.99



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