22 day and counting…

Sunday mornings always make us reflect on the great things to come. We finished off the mags last weekend and now we have nothing better to think about with our morning coffee than testing.

Why does the 27th of February seem so far away? It’s literally three weeks and a day until  we’ll see the new incarnations of the racing limits put rubber down on the track. New rules and regs have come before and will come again, so why are we so excited for this year?

There’s a buzz in the air again with new hands at the wheels.

Driver changes
Some are literal in terms of team changes or just new drivers: Bottas at Mercedes, Vandoorne at McLaren, Stoll at Williams, Ocon at Force India, Hulkenberg at Renault, Wehrlein at Sauber and Magnussen at Haas.
That’s a lot of changes for a new season. Some of these will turn out to be brilliant moves and other drivers will be regretting their move almost instantly.

Stoffle Vandoorne
He scored a point on his debut and now there’s a great quote from Stoffle Vandoorne.  He reckons that his time in the Japan Super Formula will have prepared him for this year’s spec cars as ‘the race is physically more demanding‘  Please, please, let him be this year’s stand out driver and remind us that it’s not just the Red Bull driver program which can find world champions.

Liberty Media
Everything coming out of Ross Brawn and Chase Carey’s mouths seems to be sensible suggestions which are designed for the benefit of the sport and the fans. What is this? We’ve got a race next month and no-one has suggested a crazy qualifying system or making the drivers change cars in a pit-stop. This could take some getting used to.

Max and Daniel
It’s just impossible to avoid the hype being beaten up about this driver pairing. Red Bull are great at publicity and as this team exists as a marketing machine, they are pumping out content continuously. But it’s good stuff. This could be a great pairing story, starting out as friends, moving into contenders and then into die hard enemies. It’s not a new story. Literally look at last year, or any year in the history of F1 and you’ll find the story. But we think this one could be different, Ricciardo is such a nice guy off the track, he probably wont let it go too far. We know Max is not afraid of stepping up and telling everyone why he was right, so it will clearly be worth a watch.

Last Year
It was the first time in absolutely ages that every team in the Championship managed to score at least one point. Manor and Sauber were duking it out right up until Abu Dhabi in the scrap for 10th place. We know Manor are no more and we mourn their loss, but if we have all the teams capable of scoring points it makes for tighter racing and a tighter championship.


Well, the coffee is going cold and we need to stop day-dreaming of a great season ahead. February 27 can not come around soon enough.


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