And He’s Walked Away Uninjured…

We were among the throngs of racing fans in the UK who watched the Race of Champions this year. Sky’s viewing figures were decent for this made-up event and it was a genuinely good spirited end of season piss up.

The only issue is that with every office party or post-season awards party, there was a casualty. We all thought we had seen Pascal Wehrlien walk away uninjured from what was a pretty special crash. Everyone was just relieved that he and the passenger walked away from that one.

Then the social media rumours start up that he’s not going to make the first test in Barcelona, that he could even miss the start of the season. They got so persistent that his new team, Sauber, had to issue two tweets letting everyone know, that even the doctor hadn’t come to a conclusion yet.

So what did we learn?
1)The video of the crash has had nearly as many viewers as the show itself. People do love a crash.
2)Pascal is hurt, but we don’t know if it’s an ouchie or a booboo.
3) The off-season needs to be renamed – The Rumour Season.

When does silly season end, we could put this onto the end of it.

The best thing is that they did walk away from the crash. We hope he’s fine to come along and thrash his Sauber in three weeks.

Just imagine the hype and the coverage if he had got the drive at Mercedes.

Get well soon Pascal.



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