BBC 2017 F1 Guide


It all started when a friend asked what we wanted for our birthday and we just said ‘anything F1’. Ever since then we’ve used the annual BBC F1 guide as our reference every race weekend.

To start with, there’s the track info, which despite all the info available online, this handy guide condenses it all down into one page. It’s just nice to have the book in by the side of our seat during the practice sessions and renewing our knowledge of the track. There’s never anything ground-breaking in it, but that’s not what it’s there for.

It’s like the F1 fan’s Panini sticker book. At the end of every race we actually do pencil in the results, having learnt from previous errors that no result is safe until Monday morning. There’s something beautifully childish about filling it in and totally up the points at the end of a Sunday afternoon.

For some reason this year’s book seems to have changed from BBC to Carlton Sports, but it’s the same book and what’s in a name? It’s still going to be sat in the rack waiting for the first race of the season. It’s going to be dog-eared and well used before the lights go out in Abu Dhabi.

It’s on Amazon for £14.99 and we don’t resent a single penny of that. When the postman drops this through the letter box, it means that the season is one step closer. We have testing to enjoy and then it’ll be off to Australia. Only a few weeks left, but this book brings the heart-rate up.


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