Season Preview: Toro Rosso

f1fanseyeview-toro-rossoWith so much news trickling out of some factories it’s nice to see that Toro Rosso are trying to do the opposite to their rivals. Running through their Twitter, will show you that nothing major is happening. The car isn’t launched, they have no new drivers and most of the media work is taken care of by Red Bull

Last year’s seventh is a good way of describing Toro Rosso right now. They aren’t bad but they aren’t setting the world on fire either. Unfortunately, the days of a Toro Rosso win being remotely realistic have dropped away since the days of Vettle and a competitive car.

Daniil Kvyat had his annus horribilis last season and will be very keen to make up for it almost immediately this year. He’ll be looking for a move away from Toro Rosso and with no chance of a seat in the Bulls, he’ll be scouting out the other top teams. To do this he needs to be on fire, we haven’t seen much of that in his second stint at Toro Rosso.

Carlos Sainz nearly doubled his team mate’s points last year. He was consistent and on some occasions outshone his ex-team-mate Verstappen. He’s approached winter in an aggressive fashion this time out training harder than ever, hoping to find the advantages.

The pairing are decent, but nothing to compare to the guys in the top Bull team.

There have been almost no hints out of Italian headquarters, so we don’t know much, but at least we got to see the shape of next year’s car in this little Kvyat video. What we do know is that they will have a Renault engine in the back of their cars this year. Since Monaco last year, they will have been preparing to make the switch which should stand them in good stead.

With both the Red Bull’s and the Toro Rosso cars using the same engine, we imagine their may be some trickle down of information, to help the sister team out.

Even with a fired up driver pairing and a new Renault engine in the cars, we can’t see Toro Rosso overtaking the likes of McLaren or Force India. They should comfortably beat the Saubers and have a tough battle with the factory Renault team and the Haas’.

Probably going to be at the back end of the mid-field or the start of the bottom third.

Definitely going to be in a fight with Haas for 8th or 9th.


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