Dreaming of Renault


If you are anything like us, this is what you’ll have seen every time you closed your eyes and tried to get to sleep. The amount of concentration involved in this game, just meant that the image was seared into our retinas.

Renault have pulled a major marketing coupe with this pretty simple concept. Offer F1 fans the chance to drive an F1 and make the competition easy.

All four of the games are unbelievably simple and easy to play: Drive a car around a track, drive a car around a track faster than a ghost car, press up or down, remember some flashing lights.

It’s the accessibility which we think got f1fanseyeview-4-gameseveryone involved. We spent hours trying to get 0.1 seconds of our lap time on the driving challenges. But it took us back in the generations of F1 drivers. There were no official splits, just us and the stop watch on the screen. We used trees and corners as our guides. We had to be at a certain tree on the straight at 48 seconds otherwise we knew we would be a second over our best time.

Hitting the apex of the first five corners and then feeling the pressure on the hairpin, flicking through and catching a tiny amount of grass. You know it’s slowed you down and it puts the pressure on for the rest of the lap. We imagine it’s what Graham Hill used to do in the car. Or when Schumacher had a watch taped to his steering wheel and could do lap times.

It was such a brilliant competition, it got us even more excited for the new season.

We made the top 40 in the end and are pretty happy with that, especially as we just couldn’t get a decent time on gear up. How did you do? Let us know.


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