Season Preview: Ferrari

f1fanseyeview-ferrari-wideiiWe haven’t seen Ferrari consistently at the top of the grid or on the podium since Alonso left and some might say, since Schumacher left. They have the pressure of a whole country on their shoulders and they appear to be feeling the pressure. Last year we at least saw a bit of stability in the management structure.

That was until James Allison parted company and had a few months at home. No-one can say anything against this decision. The circumstances suck and he needed to do what was right for him. But now he’s back in the game and seems to like living in England, as he has just been announced as joining Mercedes.

So if last year’s 3rd place wasn’t good enough for the Scuderia, what will they be able to achieve this year? There’s almost nothing coming out in the off-season from their PR team. The Twitter feed is simply producing a beginners user guide, months ago we learned that they had some slight engine development with the pistons and 3D printing.

When they asked the FIA for clarification over a suspension system, we don’t know if it was because they wanted to use it or if they wanted to stop other teams using it. The way it went public would make us suspect that they wanted other teams to use it. As we know with the Brawn Double Defuser, you can ask for clarification and keep it quiet if you want to.

So Kimi and Seb are back in their seats and the cars are going to be ready on the grid. We don’t know what the cars will be like, but can assume they will at least be competitive. Seb on the other hand might not be. He seemed more concerned with being bitter and shouty on the radio than actually driving the car to its maximum. We all know that Kimi just wants to be left alone in the car and he knows what he’s doing. So much so, that he was out-performing Vettel at the end of last season. Not just once, but as a normal part of the weekend.


With so little to go on, it’s hard to predict what will happen this year, but here’s our outlandishly stupid prediction for the coming season. Raikkonen to finish ahead of Vettel in the Drivers and Ferrari to come in 3rd. They’ll be comfortably 3rd, no challenge from behind and not able to challenge Red Bull or Mercedes ahead of them.



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