Car Launch: Sauber


So it’s finally here, the first ‘real’ car launch. We’re not talking about William’s rendering of their new car, but Sauber’s actual car. The one which will  try and pull them up from the back of the pack.

We’re excited as hell before this season opens and the car launches this week are a great build-up, so when we saw what Sauber were offering, well… it just felt a bit flat at first.

On the plus side, the front wing does look super aggressive with the angle and the small wings creating a very stylised F1 car. The colour scheme is brilliant, really well done on that front.

But, where has the rear wing gone, it’s lowered and narrower, so we can hardly see it at all. This isn’t Sauber’s problem, it’s the new regs. The wing mirrors are more prominent from the front view than the rear wing. Might make the mirrors more of an advertising spot, but that’s the only positive we can see, looks-wise.

The shark fin is nearly hidden, which allows the eye’s to trick the mind into seeing a shapely car, when in reality, there’s the fin in the way. We don’t mind the fin. It’s a design solution to a problem and makes the car go faster in the end. It works, but it should be celebrated. Let’s hope that all the other teams haven’t also tried to disguise this with black paint.

The wider body and wider floor are less obvious than we would have thought, but we think this is just due to the tyres being wider and making the whole car just seem on a similar scale to last year’s options.

The side pods and the aero wings around the side pods, look like they are a decent interpretation of the rules, but again, don’t look anything special.

It’s not a bad looking car and we hope it’s not a bad aero package either, but there’s nothing here which has blown our socks off. Thankfully we’ve only got to wait until tomorrow to see what Renault have to offer us.


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