Car Launch: Renault


So we sat watching it on YouTube, 2:30 was an unofficial break time at the desk. As a reward we got to sit through some very dry talk and ceremony from the big wigs and learnt that Renault are pushing for 5th this year in the constructors, but apart from that, we didn’t learn all that much from them. It was nice to give the sponsors their time in the limelight, but we are only watching and waiting for the cover to be pulled off the car.

Then it happened and… Yeah, we know. There appears to be a minimal amount of yellow on the car this year. They’ve made up for by dipping the bottom half of the drivers in yellow paint, but there again, this wont be visible when they are in the car. So not much yellow going on. Did the banana jokes get to them last year?

The shark fin is pretty prominent and even a little more aggressive than the one Sauber revealed yesterday. If this is going to be the theme for the year, at least Renault didn’t try and hide theirs, but gave it a yellow accent along the peak.

We’ll get used to the shark fin in the same way that we’ll get used to the lack of rear wing visibility. It’s not that major an issue. The front wing on the Renault looks pretty cool and we’re sure that all of that Jet Black paint is hiding some subtle touches which we aren’t meant to see just yet.

If the engine’s as good as they are reporting, the car might be able to get them up the grid, but 5th? We’re waiting with bated breath for the big dogs to unleash their machines, then we’ll be able to really judge the Renault entry.


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