Car Launch: Force India

f1fanseyeview-car-launch-force-indiaRight, to start with, we love the fact that Force India will be entering their 10th year in F1. Amazing for the team and all their staff, that from the outside at least, they seem to be secure in their futures. With the troubles at the lower end of the grid, it’s great to have the likes of Force India here.

The car reveal was interesting in that there were one or two moments when Checo and Ocon were both looking at aspects of the car as if they were looking for the first time. This could be the case, there’s no way that Force India packed up their development and stopped working on the car. There’s going to be new stuff on the car tomorrow, so it was just nice to see the drivers being genuinely interested in the car.

The shark fin is now expected on every car launched this week. It must play a huge part in the aero-dynamics of the car, but will it affect the DRS? We don’t know. If you do, please leave a comment and fill us in.

Force India have a ruler straight edge to their shark fin. The two previous versions we have seen, from Sauber and Renault, have both had some aero-styling to make it seem, less blocky. We know blocky isn’t a technical term, but it just looks like a sheet of metal has been welded on and they left it at a perfect right angle because that’s how it came. There doesn’t appear to be much aero-engineering present in the fin. We know we will be wrong and this will be the best solution to the problem, but it just doesn’t look like it has been developed as much as the other options already revealed.

The odd looking noses are back. We’ve had some very phallic looking nose cones before in F1 and the three options so far have all had some elements of the past. But Force India have gone one step further and really made it a nose cone to avoid eye-contact with.

There is a lot of silver in the colour scheme this year. Last year’s offering had a lot more black at the back of the car and now that’s been replaced by a predominately silver finish. Are they just making the most of the gap in the market which everyone perceives McLaren will have left. The days of a mirror finished McLaren are over, so why shouldn’t Force India capitalise and make their car even more distinctive. The only issue is, that from a head-on view, it looks a lot like last year’s Williams livery.

Why have we got so excited over the fin and the nose cones? The wider cars and tyres, the angled front wing and side pods should be gaining our attention, but they just seem to fit. The wider cars work well with the wider tyres and look proportionately right. The angled wings and side pods just look right. They look fast and aggressive, like an F1 car should.

Therefore because they look like they fit and they look like they belong, our eyes are less drawn to them. We guess.

Either way, this car looks good, we just wish they hadn’t used a ruler to create the end of the shark fin.


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