Car Launch: Mercedes


Today the current World Champions unveiled their entry for the 2017 F1 Championship. They did a great job of not revealing much at all. Have a quick search and see the level of the pictures from all the journalists there. It seems that they were kept a distance away and the car was mainly moving to avoid the in-depth pictures which Renault allowed of their diffuser.

They had tried to build up a little bit of hype before the launch with the suggestions of some neon stripes going down the sides of the car. So our initial impression was one of disappointment. The neon seemed to either blend in with the rest of the paintwork or be obscured from view by the rest of the car.

Once we had gotten over that issue, we looked for the shark fin and had to search harder than ever to find it. There is a slight fin, it passes down the back of the engine cover and stops above the exhaust outlet. BUT it’s hardly there at all when you compare it with Force India’s version revealed yesterday. What have Mercedes learnt about the fin which Sauber, Force India and Renault haven’t figured out yet? Or are we being to generous and it might be that Mercedes haven’t figured it out yet. Guessing the Australian grid will tell us the answer to that one.

There is one brilliantly intriguing shot that has been released and that is the one we’re using at the top of the post. The car looks like it has been made while sat on a tray and somehow it’s become stuck, so they just left it for the launch. The aero of the bodywork is so slick that it looks tiny in comparison with this big, square, black base. It’s really similar tot he other cars launched so far, but with all the gills and aero slots on the edge, it just stands out even more.

It really is going to be interesting to see how this car stacks up against the Force India, they appear to have very different aero packages and different interpretations of the new rules.



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