Car Launch: Ferrari

f1fanseyeview-car-launch-ferrariThere should be an introduction here to let you know about the Ferrari launch and build up to some news, BUT those side pods.

We haven’t seen anything as aggressive from the other teams in their works on the side pods. The wings running around them and the beautifully curved openings, make these the stand out feature of the new Ferrari. If you haven’t seen them, go now. Stop reading and have a look. Just look at them.

The front wing and nose are decent developments too. The front wing doesn’t look to be set at as steep an angle as the other teams, but this has to be a trick of the eye. That second rear wing though is going to be copied. We briefly saw Mercedes run a similar one at Silverstone after their launch, but this looks fully integrated into the car’s design. It could take some getting used to, but it seems to fit in with the style of this Ferrari.

Ferrari have utilised the shark fin and there is a subtle amount of aero shaping on the rear end of it. Maybe Sauber have got it perfectly right, you never know. OR maybe they were given a bit of advice from a friendly team.

Whilst looking at the car is pretty special. The news coming out of Italy, from biased Italian journalists, was that the car set a ridiculously quick lap around the test track. Is this just bluster or come Testing will it be setting the pace?

We’d love to see a mix up in the order, but just let the Orange and Black car be sat in front of this Red one.



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