Car Launch: McLaren Honda

f1fanseyeview-car-launch-mclarenWell the hype and the constant stream of social media updates can now stop. We’ve had the most anticipated launch of the year. The rumours were true and the McLaren has fully embraced their roots with the re-introduction of the McLaren Orange.

When the car was finally unveiled, the orange stood out. It’s the first thing which hits you about the car. Nearly the whole of the front half is pure orange, just hints of black breaking it up. It does remind us of the old Red and Black Marussia paint scheme, but we’re not too worried as this looks amazing.

f1fanseyeview-car-launch-mclaren-front-wingHave a quick look at the MCL32’s nose cone. The aero development of what is essentially a join is brilliant. We’ve not seen any of the other cars with this area anywhere near as developed as the McLaren’s. That front wing is packed with layer after layer of aero fixing wings. It’s definitely a throw back to McLaren cars of old, not just in the Orange, but in the aggressiveness of the wings and added flaps.

The shark fin hasn’t been hidden in the paint scheme and looks to have been designed along the same principles as all the other fins. It’s still only Mercedes who haven’t revealed a car with a major fin. The McLaren has opted either to not have a 2nd rear wing, or to not reveal it right now.

But, it might be that they have decided not to reveal it. Why? Look at that rear packaging. We’re so used tot he size 0 dress which the McLaren’s have worn in the recent past, that this looks slightly odd. There is loads of space and air around the back end of the body work. Either there is a potential cooling problem with the Honda engine, the larger body helps direct the air into the right places, or this rear end is a rouse and the real won will be revealed either in Barcelona or in Australia.

It looks like an amazing car. We’re McLaren fans here and thank God that we have a good car this year. If the engine matches up to the design of the car, then we hope that we’ll be back in the points.

Love the paint and the aggressive aero packages, let’s hope it runs as fast as it looks.





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