Car Launch: Haas

f1fanseyeview-car-launch-haasTeam principal Guenther Steiner – ‘The pedal box is the same’

How technical is that? The pedal box. It just doesn’t sound very F1. All a bit low tech.

What do you do when you have an average to poor car. You start from scratch, again. The Haas looks very different to last years, but it looks a lot like the other offerings this year. There are very few unique features about it. but nothing major.

The shark fin has a large indent on the rear edge, which we assume will be shaping the airflow up/down into rear wing and generating even more rear downforce. So are they lacking downforce or do they just think they’ll need more.

The front wing seems to have a lot going on. The front edges look a little box and the other wings seem to be in the form which McLaren revealed a few days ago. Then they also have the wings on the underneath of the nose cone, heading back towards the suspension.

There is one nice little wing, which we don’t remember seeing on too many other cars. In the grey body work, mirroring the shape of the driver’s legs is a wing. This wing appears to be leading into the side pods. More downforce or extra cooling, we’re not sure of the purpose, but if it works, this seems really simple to copy and introduce onto every other car.

The big shame is that there doesn’t appear to be anything ground-breaking again. But what were we expecting? No-one would actually reveal their six-wheeled version on launch day. Leave that to Australia.


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