Car Launch: Red Bull


With very little of the usual Red Bull publicity campaign, the new RB13 has landed on our desktops. The team haven’t gone down the path of a traditional launch or even followed in their own heritage and had a party launch, but instead have release a video of their new car.

It’s a brilliant way of revealing their car without letting every member of the media with a phone, to take some very intricately detailed photos of their hard work. If we’re honest, we suspect that the shark fin isn’t their best work. They have put something there which we wont see come race day or maybe even on Monday. The graphics don’t even touch it. There’s no way that the marketing genius of Red Bull would allow such a prime piece of real estate to remain unbranded.

The most intriguing aspect of the car is the nose cone. There are two very interesting aspects to it. The first is that massive hole in the front. We’ve seen other teams have a small air inlet before, but we can’t remember on this big. If you know of one, let us know in the comments below. Would love to see how it worked before.

The closest thing we can remember is the McLaren F-duct, but we have no idea what the Red Bull system does and will have to wait until the experts in the pit lane let us know.

The other interesting aspect of the Red Bull nose cone which you can spot in the millisecond it is one the video is the aero work. Look around 50 seconds and there are two protrusions just above the sponsors and involving the race number. These must surly be for aero or might have something to do with the workings of that hole in the nose.

Overall, the reveal is a very conservative rendering of the rules, but we suspect that this isn’t going to be close to the car which we will see on the starting grid in Australia.

Only time will tell.



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