Car Launch: Toro Rosso


Well there is one good looking race car. We had been told to expect the new colour scheme, but the mirror bulls work brilliantly with the rest of the car.

All the standard new additions have been added with a degree of flair, but most importantly, the Toro Rosso have added their Bull graphic to the shark fin, which only helps to support the theory that the Red Bull have unveiled a dummy shark fin. Speaking of Red Bull, we think they might be looking at the colour scheme and layout and wishing they had thought of this one.

There’s a lack of extra aero wings and add-ons on the Toro Rosso which we have seen on a lot of last year’s mid-field teams. Nothing in terms of extra wings on the sides of the nose cone and very little leading to the side pods, like the Haas team showed us earlier today.

The shark fin looks well developed and that rear wing, it might just be the paint tricking the eye, but it just looks so brilliantly aggressive. There’s a set of small wings just above the side pods which look quite nice and are obviously designed to manipulate the airflow over the back half of the car.

Aside from these little touches, the car is pretty well dominated by a very nice looking paint scheme. Unfortunately good looking paint has never really equated to a faster lap time. Still, we all know that Toro Rosso aren’t meant to be challenging for the championship.



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