Barcelona Testing: Day 2

Well there are a few things clear to everybody today:

1 – The Honda engine is not up to scratch just yet.
The McLaren has spent longer in the garage than it has on the track and when it does get to go out and play, it has to pick up its ball and come home for dinner within a few laps. There’s been very little in terms of good news coming the way of the Honda engine. The oil tank is wrong and McLaren have had to replace the power unit today.

2 – Ferrari are fast.
Thankfully someone is up at the top of the time sheet, who isn’t in a Mercedes. Raikkonen spent most of the day at the top of the time sheet and he completed over 100 laps. We know that nobody wants a return to the Schumacher Ferrari days, but it’s just good to see someone else up at the top of the table again.

3 – The Shark fins don’t always work.
The side winds have been creating a bit of movement thanks to the extra sail at the back of the cars. The direction of the wind catching the shark fin means that the cars have been routinely under-steering into some corners, whilst over-steering into others. It’s interesting to note that Mercedes spent most of the day without their shark fin on, so maybe this is an element we’ll only see in the right conditions.

4 – Stroll learnt very little, but a lot as well.
Lance Stroll was only able to complete 12 laps before he had a slight off and caused some damage to his car. Unfortunately, that damage was bad enough for Williams to pack up the workshop for the day and call it a night very early on. They didn’t have all the spare parts at the circuit and they are sending some over from HQ now so they can run again tomorrow morning. He might only have run 12 laps, but it seems that Lance has learnt the hard way about finishing a race.

5 – Haas are ready today.
Kevin Magnussen notched up a decent day’s drive and he joined the 100 lap club. The Haas wasn’t looking anything special all morning, but then he managed to clock up the 4th fastest lap time. He was on super soft tyres, but it’s just nice to know that the car is capable of doing the speed.

If you haven’t watch Ted’s Notebook from day one, it’s available here, free on the Sky F1 page.


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