Barcelona Testing: Day 3


Have Mercedes updated their ‘elderly fan’? Anyway, Rosberg was at the track today.

Day three of testing has shot by and we have learnt a bit more about what to expect in Australia.

1 – Quick fixes might do the trick.
The Honda oil tank fix has worked and they have managed to get over 70 laps of running in on the McLaren today. It’s good news as until lunch time, they hadn’t completed any stints over ten laps in length. Plus Honda have announced that they will be bringing the Australian spec engine to the next test.

2 – Lance Stroll just needs some time.
He had to wait to start today because Williams were waiting for new parts to be flown over from England, then he span the car twice. There’s lots of Maldonado jokes going around, but we just think he needs time. Give the newbie a bit of car time to get his feel and reactions up to Formula 1 speed. Should we not be encouraged that people can’t just jump into a new car and be brilliant. New drivers need time and space to learn the ropes and adjust. We think he’ll get there and we’ll give him the time he needs.

3 – Bottas has speed.
Not that this should be new news to anyone, but Valtteri has topped the timesheet and done so regularly. He put in lap after lap which just built on each other to record some brilliant times. People were moaning that the cars weren’t 5 seconds faster, but they could well be there in the hands of Bottas or Hamilton.

4 – Red Bull’s gas problem.
The Red Bull spent a large part of today’s testing sat in the garage having the exhaust worked on. In the good news, this wasn’t an engine problem and to be fair, an exhaust problem is probably something which Christian Horner wont lose any sleep over.

5 – A bullet-proof Ferrari?
We’ve seen a lot of laps going under the front wing of the Ferrari in the last three days, but the best has been today’s 139 laps which Vettel managed to clock up all by himself. That’s pretty impressive when you look at how long a grand prix is in Barcelona, 66 laps. So the Ferrari power unit can easily do two back-to-back grand prixs with almost no restorative or even cleaning work needed on the engine. It seems to bode well for the four power unit limit this year.

6 – Ted Kravitz is still a fan.
We’re pretty sure that only Ted Kravitz could turn up to an interview with Ross Brawn, demand that he move from behind his desk and then tell him that he’s only brought Ross’ book to the interview to get the man to sign it. But the fact that Ted still wants Ross Brawn’s signature is a sure fire sign that the sandal wearing one is a massive fan of F1 even though he has worked in the business for longer than we can remember.

Long live king Ted.


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