Barcelona Testing: Day 4

f1fanseyeview-testing-day-4The final day of testing brought us the wet weather running and we finally saw the Mercedes have issues. What did the forth day teach us?

1 – Renault’s wing wont fly.
Renault have interpreted the 2017 rules slightly differently to everyone else and the FIA have told them that they’ve missed the boat. The rear wing cannot be connected through the DRS mechanism but this is exactly what Renault have done. It could be an easy thing to build a fix before the next test. What we don’t know is how much of the rear aero package has been designed around that element. Could be an interesting few days at Enstone.

2 – Mercedes hit some troubles.
It’s nothing major and Lewis only missed a morning of running on a slightly wet track. He wont miss it too much and he we’re not sure how much of an impact this will really have on him. The mere fact that Mercedes have looked impenetrable for the previous three days was shattered when the car spent the whole morning sat in the garage with the shutters down.

3 – Ferrari are still flying.
Kimi Raikkonen topped the timing sheets again today. It’s promising news, even though we know that Mercedes have been running with an engine which has been turned down on performance and are clearly not pushing it to its limits. The radical Ferrari design could have gone very wrong from the Italians, but it seems that this is working a treat. The real issue with Ferrari is their almost identical car design to the Haas, just how much information was shared this year?

4 – Right idea, wrong track.
The Circuit de Catalunya and the Spanish sun are not the most logical of destinations for a wet weather tyre test. The water tankers did a mighty fine job trying to keep the circuit wet and the sprayed a lot of water all through the day. The only issue is that there is a purpose built track specifically for testing in wet conditions, a track which has the ability to host F1 races and accommodate the paddock plus it’s a little closer to the majority of the team’s bases. Maybe next year they will consider using the facilities at Circuit Paul Ricard and we’ll see a highly accurate wet weather test.


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