Barcelona Testing: Day 5

F1FansEyeView - Testing Day 5

The team of the season is usually announced at the very end of the season. It is pretty much the Championship winning team every year. This year however, we’re predicting a different team. They might not even score any points.

The McLaren Honda engineers have already changed a season’s worth of engines during testing. Today, they routinely changed the engine over the lunch break and Vandoorne barely missed a lap of track time.

On a day when Massa managed 160 laps and the quickest time, it just emphasises the point of McLaren’s lack of ability to competitively run the Honda engine. They were nearly 3 seconds off the pace and could only complete half the number of laps compared to the Williams.

It is only a few days into 2017 and Boullier has already admitted that the relationship with their engine partners is at ‘maximum strain’. Two years into the relationship and the time for excuses has long since passed. The new shuffling of the rules should have helped out a team with the resources of McLaren, yet somehow the only team who have managed to run less distance in the testing is Toro Rosso. Sauber have managed to complete nearly twice as many as the Honda Engine has allowed the orange McLaren.

It is a massive shame that two legendary names in the history of F1 have come to this state. We know it is still very early in the pre-season, but how have Ferrari, Mercedes and even Renault developed highly usable engines, whilst the team at Honda have routinely failed to provide an engine which can run for the length of a grand prix.

The only real positive we can think of to come out of the lack of running, is that at least Alonso and Stoffel wont have sore necks before Australia. Please be better tomorrow.


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