It all starts again…

F1FansEyeView - HondaForgive us for a few days breather, we got carried away with the all the fun of the fair and the first test. A few cups of coffee later and we’ve read all the reports, watched the limited amount of coverage and made up our minds about what we need to see this morning.

It doesn’t matter if McLaren don’t go out and set the fastest time of the day. What does matter is that they go out and set laps, long distance sets of laps. They really need to get some consistent running in the wheels.

It is really what every F1 fan wants to see. We know that the Mercedes will be at the front. From the limited data, it seems that Ferrari have made a step up and could be more competitive. The Red Bulls could pull something out of the bag and be in contention as well. That’s the possibility of three teams all at the front racing. Oh what a sight that would be.

Why do we want McLaren to be up there as well? It simply comes down to the engine. There’s a Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault/Tag Heuer engine already somewhere near the front. Now imagine if we could get all four engines on something near to parity. Just imagine the possibilities for the racing, not only at the front. But if we had competitive engines, we might have Force India even further up the grid. Toro Rosso could be back in the party and Sauber – Sauber might even stand a chance at points.

Wouldn’t it be great? So to testing and all we want to see is that Honda engine doing hundreds and hundreds of laps.


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