Should we care its pink?

F1FansEyeView - Car Launch Force India Mark II
F1FansEyeView – Car Launch Force India Mark II

Force India have showed their new colours for the season. They’ve finally revealed a pink car, only three weeks after they revealed their original colour scheme. But should we really care that they’ve gone pink?

Well no. It’s the colour we care about. We kind of welcome the pink into the grid. It will easily differentiate them from all the other cats around and we’re all up for that.

F1FansEyeView - Force India Fan Wear

The issue we have is that it was only three weeks ago that they had launched a decent looking car and more importantly all their fan wear for this year. Now if you have a quick check of their website, the team wear is almost half price.

So the loyal fans who went out and brought into their team and paid some large sums of money to support them, are now out of pocket and, we’d guess, wearing the wrong colour for this year.

It just hurts the fans that a team like Force India could not have  got the sponsorship deal in place before the start of the year. There is the small fact, that BWT might have wanted to wait until testing was over, so they could see how competitive the Force India car would be and we get that but it doesn’t make it sting any less.

On the new design, Sahara have lost the side pod placement and the VOMO logo is almost illegible as it has been changed to a dark pink on the dark grey background. We know that Sahara are still title sponsors and probably the money from BWT is enough for them to be satisfied with the movement but you should at least be able to easily read the VOMO logo.

One of the best sidenotes is the ridicule Nico Hulkenberg has been getting for the state of his overalls. The pure yellow trouser element does not look good and social media has been rife with comments. Then this happens and we guess he is very expectantly looking ahead to the driver’s meeting in Australia to see what the Force India drivers turn up in.

Will all the team kit go pink? Will the drivers go pink? Will Force India’s designated FIA colour go pink and most importantly will VJ’s hair be dyed pink for the first race.

All questions which will be answered within just three short weeks.


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